Mayor Bruno Carnovale

Bruno Carnovale, who served for 20 years on Borough Council and 22 more as mayor. He first ran for office in 1966 with attention of finding a solution to continual flooding problems near Oak Street. He stuck around long after that was achieved.

“I enjoy helping people, and being involved in government and decisionmaking is one of the best ways to do that,” the mayor said.

  Carnovale grew up in Johnsonburg, but he has had connections to Emporium since spending childhood summers working on his grandfather’s farm.
“He didn’t believe in tractors, so every summer I got recruited to help on the farm. It was hard work, but I really liked Emporium so I didn’t mind so much.”
  After high school graduation, Carnovale moved to Emporium and briefly went to work for Sylvania before joining the Navy during World War II.
Near the end of the war he was on a destroyer bound for Japan. The vessel had just reached Hawaii when word came of the war’s end.
He returned to Sylvania and became a senior electrical designer, certifi ed electrical inspector and master electrician.
  Carnovale has been active with the American Legion, Lions Club, Cameron County Republican Committee and American Cancer Society and is an active member of St. Mark Church.
  As mayor, he is responsible for the police department and other aspects of public safety and borough administration.